Fellowship Baptist Church

Fellowship Baptist Church

Bluff City, Tennessee


This project all began with a request to write event recap articles for the church's blog. Unsatisfied with the appearance of said blog, I asked if I could throw some color on the otherwise drab and basic website the church was using at the time. With their permission, I began experimenting with different palettes but came upon another problem; the church's logo, a placeholder image chosen on a whim, was clashing with my design choices. Naturally, I requested the opportunity to design a new logo from scratch that would fit the new color scheme I was devising. With the church's approval, I set about designing a whole new visual identity for Fellowship.

Choosing a home church is difficult. Visitors will come and go, experiencing the people and music and preaching before making their final decisions. During 2020 however, in the grip of Covid, potential members could no longer make those visits; so the church's website had to be able to effectively communicate the church's attributes without asking people to read an essay. That's why a solid visual identity is important for driving engagement.

I designed the logo to be a melding of traditional and modern elements. The simple, geometric and modern Open Sans typeface lends its style to the roof segment and exaggerated capital "F," a design option commonly seen in more traditional logos. The color palette is built around a strong foundation, just like Fellowship's doctrine. I chose natural colors evoking fertile earth and stone to showcase the church's well-grounded nature along with a brighter blue as a highlight and an orange as an attention-grabber. For the logo itself, as well as website text, I opted for a light cream color with a little more softness compared to pure white. All the website text is also from the Open Sans family in order to really drive home the one-foundation aspect of the church's doctrine.

The website was also completely redone. For the older members of the congregation, I opted to keep the structure simple while avoiding cluttering the homepage with information. Every page is available via the homepage with an easy to understand navigation bar and detailed quick links in the footer. To make the website more pleasing to the eye and invite exploration, I divided the church's activities into three branches with pictures to display on the homepage.

Visit fellowshipweb.org to explore the live website.

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